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We begin in 2005 and has made wonderful progress ever since. Hyun Shin Co., Ltd.’s range of good quality products are Food Wrapping Paper. Hyun Shin Co., Ltd. has also established many successful and flourishing brands. after making a niche in market, we were aiming on advertising our horizons through customized production in modern business arenas specially B2Bs and other online mediums; this was the time when we come to know about Once After carefully surveying the company, we decided to join it as we were quite assured. TradeBANQ’s account management feature is one of the uniqu feature that rest of the web sites don’t; We get lots of quality buyers each month and my account manager re-checks all my leads and offer his feedback about it and while in my absence, as I do lots of travelling our account manager holds my customers for a while and do initial communication all by himself.

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